Problem with swimming synchronization from Garmin


I'm recording my swim workouts using Garmin watch and use synchronizarion feature to push data to Strava.

Overall statistics are ok, but lap data is wrong.

First - resting is probably calculated as lap, but not displayed in Strava
Second - Drills are not displayed in Strava (same as resting)
Third - some laps are not displayed

Does anyone has similar problems?
I use Garmin 735xt/ v9.40



  • I am facing similar issues. I have Garmin 735xt as well and after it got updated to 9.40 most of the laps (especially the shorter ones) are not displayed in Strava anymore. I can correctly see the laps in Garmin Connect though.

    Garmin probably changed something in FIT file format and Strava is not able to display it properly (if I open the activity file in FIT file Repair tool and export it and upload the fixed file to Strava, the laps are visible).

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  • I have the same problem with fenix 5 plus. Laps shorter than 400m do not show in strava.

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  • I have Garmin Instinct and when I sync to Strava, the pace for swim is off, big time. Garmin shows correct data, but Strava's pace record is incorrect. I've contact Support, but no response. 

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  • Facing the same. Very frustrating with my Fenix 5. Friend of mine with Fenix 5X is not facing the same issue. We checked his set up together and all the same as mine. Not sure what is the problem

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