Segment matching still pretty crappy

I've just paid for pro again after 2 years away (i.e. just using unpaid sub), and am disappointed to see no progress on segment matching.  Today I took a different route on a regular ride (a shorter path that avoided some ice) and strava has matched it to the other route.  They start in the same place, but don't even end in the same place and the new one is 30% shorter.  Now my personal training leaderboard is all F%&*cked up - and worse, I cannot unmatch the erroneous result from the segment, so I will forever have to ignore this segment for training purpose. And then, to make it even worse, I look at comparisons with other riders and the KOM goes to someone who was on a 3rd path altogether, so the comparisons are worthless!  That's really pretty crap!  I have an idea:  use the GPS data to match segments ;-)  - it can't be that hard to create some sort of matching algorithm that uses more than start and (sort of) finish points.  At the least ,let us flag erroneous segment matches so our results make sense!



  • In the last week or so suddenly almost none of my segments are matching up, that I've been doing (xc ski), ans always have shown, for the last few years. Kind of bummed as I've made progress and wanted to see the trend/differences. I wonder if they released a new version that has "issues" with this?  I looked at the "why your segment didn't match" section and none of it makes sense (since I was doing the exact same routes as always).

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