Strava - please answer the sort / log 'HIKE' question...

Multiple requests over many years - same old "stay tuned" sort of response. The option is on the mobile app(s) to categorize an activity as a hike - why on earth can we not sort activities in our training log by...


Strava - please come clean and answer this definitively ASAP. My ongoing membership status will be dependent on the quality and timeliness of the response. Why you ask? Thousands of hours of riding - indoors, outdoors, road, mountain, cross, gravel, etc... and guess where most of my mountainbiking occurs? On trails I maintain! I log those hours & miles as 'Hike' in your app. Let me sort my workouts by this type please - or tell us why on earth not.



  • I want to look at my weekly mileage as I want to safely increase my hiking distance weekly. The perfect place for this is the training page, but as you state I can't look at hiking on my training page. This looks like yet another thread that Strava will ignore forever, just like the thread of being able to filter virtual activities out of your feed.

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