Put the feed in chronological order!

This is maddening!

In a nutshell the activities are in some random order that Strava things I want to view them in... I don't!

I want to view them in chronological order, both my activities and those of others.




  • I think if you select just your activities, they will be in chronological order.

    I agree that being able to manually sort your feed by "date" and by "magic" would be a nice feature.

  • I HATE  that feed isn't by chronological order. I couldn't see my wife's run this morning. But I could see a bunch of other people's runs and rides from days ago. The only way I could view her run was to go into the club that we are in. It's crazy. 

  • +100000000000

    Maddening indeed. It would be nice to be able to toggle between Chronological and whatever it is now (what events Strava thinks I'll find more intriguing...? meh..)

  • I’ve been on to Strava about this for some time, I have found it very frustrating that this was changed, it worked fine before.
    I have contacted several people in “support” all of whom can do nothing about it!
    They have feed me the usual BS about it being “more modular” etc. Which I sounds like a shelving unit.
    Strava quite clearly have no interest in what the customer wants. It’s a shame because other than this I think it works quite well. I have been a paying customer since 2012 and the only way left to show I’m not happy is to stop paying.
    I’m sure when the founders of Strava started it, they were only concerned about making it work as well as they could, now they are changing it for the sake of change.
    Feed should be in time order- that’s it!
    Please sort it now, I guess it’ll take about 2 mins to put right.

  • Thanks for adding your feedback, folks! There are no immediate plans to change the feed. Apologies for the frustration. 

  • Hi Jeff
    There doesnt need to be a plan to change it, you could just do it!
    Remember when things used to happen straight away.
    No need for serveral meetings to discuss it, just do it, and then hold your hands up and say yes we were wrong about the feed, we should give the customer the choice.

  • Hello... anyone there?

  • Peter, not sure if you saw Strava Jeff's post on 2/13 saying, "There are no immediate plans to change the feed." Didn't want to leave you hanging!

    @Strava Jeff, as a Summit member since 6/27/14, I am disappointed that Strava changed the feed from chronological to, well...'random' activities. We understand that Facebook, Twitter et al, by default, use algorithms to choose and amplify particular activities/posts that are 'thought' to be more socially engaging. HOWEVER, those same platforms also give the user the option to toggle their feed between 'Latest", or, "Top Posts". 

    Re-upping the Enhancement request: In the user's Activity Feed, ADD "Sort by Date" functionality to go alongside with whatever is there now.

  • Also, I find it ironic that one can sort these very forum messages by VOTES and DATE.





    But not our Feed.

  • I follow 300+ athletes and have my activity feed up all day at work, refreshing it quite a bit. I want to know who is doing what, where they are doing, and most importantly, I want to see it right after it happens. If I see someone who hit a mean MTB trail first thing in the morning, I can ask how the conditions where and get a response fast enough that I can plan to either go later in the day or perhaps that next morning. How it's set up now, I won't get that activity sometimes until THE NEXT DAY(!!), and by then, asking how the conditions are of the trail would be moot because, at least here in Maine, especially in the winter, conditions change greatly, and often.

  • I read here, that if I refresh my feed enough, it will exhaust itself from showing me all the activities from the social algorithm, and will be 'forced' to show the events as they're being completed. 

    "Your experience may be different if you check your feed every day or once a week. For example, if you are someone who checks their Strava feed multiple times a day, your feed will be closer to chronological as we only reorder the items that are new since the last time you viewed your feed. If you are someone that only checks the feed once every few days, you'll have more stories to catch up on so your feed will be ordered accordingly." 

    That is some UX gold right there. Really, really consistent. 

    Here's a chrome plug in that will do this (only for Chrome and NOT the Strava app). 

  • The "feature" of breaking the chronological feed was what caused me to stop paying.  I was a Premium member for years because I love what Strava provides and wanted to show my support; since the move to trying to be "Facebook for Athletes", I realized that Strava's goals and my goals are different now, and stopped renewing my Premium.

  • I’ve had a similar issue with garmin. An update has caused problems. Garmin would not help, were not interested in the customers complaints.
    I have resolved the problem, I have bought a new gps computer, but not a Garmin. I will never give garmin any of my money again.
    This is how it works when a company does not listen to its customers.
    I would have thought that a modern company like Strava, who have nothing physical to offer, just an app, would be bending over backwards to keep the customers happy-
    The most important person in any business is the customer.

  • maybe the answer is to unfollow tons of people,  is that what strava wants?     unfollow the guy who's on zwift all winter.   unfollow the friend who commutes 10x per week.  unfollow the person who's track workout consists of 12 different 1/2 mile runs + warm up and cool down activities.....i'm sure my friends won't take it personally,  or i could tell them to get off zwift and go outside and do something interesting.

  • I have been away from Strava for quite some time after using the app daily for years. Just getting back into things the last few weeks, I’ve only just discovered the woe’s of so many - the chronological feed order has gone?!?!? This is so irritating. I can’t believe Strava have stuffed something up that has obviously annoyed many many users for a long time now, and there is still no option to revert back (I haven’t found it anyway). Why?!? So disappointed

  • Whoa, shocked!  For geez sakes please fix the feed order!  I totally missed half my buddies rides because they were way down in my feed and they happened yesterday!  Horrible!  Listen to your customers!!!  This sucks!

  • Suffering the same frustration here. Missed a few friends runs because they'd appeared somewhere down the feed below older runs! WTF?! makes no sense. Just put everything in proper chronological order. Shouldn't be difficult.

  • The current feed is rubbish and it should indeed move back to chronological. I will probably move to some other app and cancel my premium subscription

  • Sounds to me like if they made an option to sort and/or filter our feed and put it in one of the Summit packages, it would be worth it to buy in  :-)


  • maybe if we rated strava 1⭐ in googleplay or applestore, they'd pay attention to users complaints.

  • Just set up Strava because that was apparently the way to go ….. and because of the ridiculous feed situation am ditching it again and sticking with MapMyRide …… maybe eventually they'll think about putting the customer first but until then … so long

  • I arrived at work today, uploaded my ride, sat at my desk, span through Strava a little, see some rides in, some rides last night, some runs last night, having a little nosey through through of the acheivements.  My mate, sat next to me comments, 'some PBs on the ride in?'  Foolishly I thought he was congratulating me, but no, after spinning through a few pages of activity, he had also had a good ride in.  He arrived JUST NOW, but Strava doesn't think this is important to me.  This feed just bears no resemblance to real life, real experiences and is just always frustrating as hell.  I hate it.

  • I would like to see an option box that you can tick in settings to toggle between chronological order and Strava Order.

    I really would like to see chronological order back also.

  • We NEED an option for chronological feed order! The current algorithm makes the feed uninteresting and frustrating, reducing user engagement. Surely your polls reflect this?!?

  • The algorithm that sorts my feed just doesn't work. Why would I want to see a ride someone did last week, that I've already given kudos to, above a ride that has just been completed by someone today that I haven't seen yet? Why?!! It makes no sense and is ruining the social side of my feed. As per almost everyone else on Strava - please give us the option to sort by date.

  • +1 on the chronological feed. I am barely looking at Strava anymore because the feed sorting sucks. The algorithm is terrible and I don't care for being forced to use a stupid logic I don't want to.

  • I use the Elevate extension on Chrome to disable a lot of the Strava default idiocy.

    This is, however, a cop out and it seems that Strava does not give a damn about its users and deserves to lose them.

    We have asked, as PAYING customers, to opt in to chronological feeds and to OPT OUT of endless useless feed "suggestions" and adverts with no result, receiving only patronising comments to the tune of "having no plans to change"

    What arrogance!

  • What is point of the Strava support. Loads of strava’s customers are unhappy about this ridicules feed. Yet no one from Strava can give a sensible reason why they are totally ignoring all these customers, or putting the problem right. Bizarre

  • Hi. Please change back or allow an option to set the default sort to chronological.

    I tried, but couldn't find all the threads that said "Please make a magic algorithm and show me activities based on things you think I should see first", so not sure if this is a case of you genuinely believe you have my back on this Strava, or someone is digging their heels in on a feature they built to justify their position.



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