'Add Others' to activity and get different distance / speed off my data, how ?

I run with a friend who has no GPS device so after an activity I add them via Strava 'Add Others' to the run. To be clear this is the only source of data so Strava is sharing my data with them.

Every time I do this on my friends account Strava shows they ran further and faster! How does this work given the single source of date shared ?



  • I've recently been having the exact same problem, having added my girlfriend to a run that I recorded (only one set of data).

    It seems that she covered 32km in exactly the same time as I travelled 19km. Very strange- although I'm sure I'd be less crestfallen if it were the other way round 😆

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  • Yeah, whats going on with this ?

    My gf uses my data, but has less distance travelled

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