elevation in runs

Hi, just a thought, I can do a 5k on treadmill in 20 mins easily enough but a current 5k route i'm doing has a lot of elevation (uphill and downhill) and I am nowhere near 20mins, elevation amounts to over 200m in total. Does strava factor in this extra distance you have to run through elevation? 
On a second note for every mile split strava notes elevation gain from one point to another ( for example at start of my run I could be 400ft above sea level and at the mile split be 200ft above sea level) strava will state -200ft elevation gain but in reality I think you could have encountered far more elevation difference because within that 1 mile split there are many uphill stretches that would encumber more elevation! 
Is my interpretation correct that a flat 5k run is far less distance than a 5k run that encounters a lot of elevation deviations or do strava adjust accordingly?



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