Showing Inline Skate in Goals

I feel like I am missing something in how I'm logging or some setting I haven't found yet, as I am using Strava solely to track my inline skating. I log my activity under Inline Skate via the app, which shows in my Feed.

However, I only see Running, Cycling, and Swimming Icons in what I think is called the Goals section (see screen shot below).

I am fine with supporting Strava by upgrading IF my Inline Skating will show there, but I don't want to waste my money if that is not going to help and do what I need.

Can anyone help me to understand if there is something I am setting wrong? Am I supposed to log my inline skating as "Running" in order to take advantage of the Goals section, or is there a way to make Inline Skate one of those 3 tabs (via a setting or upgrade)?

Thank you, in advance, for any help!!

P.S. I did search before posting this, but this is all I found:

And from what is being discussed there, it sound like they are interested in other features such as Segments that I don't think is related...




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