Beacon: does not work when needed and works when not needed.

Hi all,


We both have a Garmin Fenix 5X and both are Summit members.

My wife is in training for a marathon, so I want to run the last 10K together with her.

So Beacon could be very handy to see when I have to leave home to meet for the last 10K.

However: it does not work at all when needed.

Friday we did a short run together: and Beacon worked (however not needed at that time).


So we are both paying for Summit, but for a feature that is not working well.

Yes: we checked the Garmin and Beacon settings sevaral times now, but it looks more like random when it works or not.

We better can end our Summit membership and look for another tracking system.



  • Are you running in areas that have marginal or no cell phone coverage? Beacon works on cell signal, so if your phone does not have a signal, it isn't going to be able to transmit the location.

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  • No, we are living in The Netherlands so cell-phone coverage is very good almost everywhere and certainly in the region we live. That is certainly not the issue.

    Looks like it only works when switching Beacon off and on in Garmin Connect just before a run/ride, but the auto-start option does not work well (seems it only works when not needed ;-) ).

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