Summary of downhill starred segments

I am aware strava has taken the decision to remove downhill segments from the live feed.   While frustrating, I think I understand.    

The feature i would like to see is a progressive update during my mountain bike ride of my performance of both up and downhill starred segments against pr’s    I don’t need the device to tell me while I am on the segment, just sometime after (even a minute after would be fine).

I never watch the time while actually doing a dh run, concentrating too hard.

Did I get anywhere near the my PR?  Did I smash it?  When I’m on a 3 hour ride it’s good to get some real time feedback on how I’m going which is very motivating.

At the moment I only know at the very end of the ride.   Cmon strava, surely you aren’t just about road riders who just climb hills?



  • I 2nd this sentiment.

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  • Agree - really just need mid ride updates. I will be cancelling my membership as it is now completely useless. 

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  • And come on, we're talking about .25%.  Most of my ride into work ends more than .25% below my start.  If you want to drop descents of 4-5% or greater, fine, but just riding hills now I can no longer use live segments and that's the reason for my premium account.  Will definitely be cancelling.

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