Summit Feature for date, i.e. compare who had best times this winter not by age or weight, who was fastest that snowy day etc.

Summit has features to compare your ride to other riders of the same weight and or age.

I actually think it would be more useful to me to compare myself againts date and times and possibly equipment.

id like to know what my fastest segments where over the winter on my winter bike as i dont get any PR's on the poor conditions and heavy bike.  what was my pr the past 5 years, as i get older is unlikley i will still get records going back many years :)




  • you're absolutely right, it makes sense to be able to view a leader board by a certain date.  in XC skiing, snow conditions are always changing and being able to sort that way would be helpful.  what makes no sense is , on the android app i can see the segment ordered by "today"   whereas on the desktop i can only see by "this year"     why not both?  it only makes sense.   similar for MTB  where some races are super muddy and everyone is slower,  i want to know who's fastest on the slowest day.... but again this makes perfect sense so don't expect it to be implemented. 

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