Erratic spiky cadence from Apple Watch



I've recently switched from my trusty Garmin 610 to using an Apple Watch Series 4 for my running. It's all working great except... cadence.


Whilst it is recording my cadence it's displaying it on Strava in a weird spiky way jumping by around 20 very erratically (I promise that's not how I run!).


Anyone else experienced this using an Apple Watch? Any ideas how to fix it?



  • Yup. I get the exact same thing with AW5, OS6: 24SPM jumps both with healthfit and rungap. If you use rungap, you can view the chart before it ever touches strava and it is already jagged. So this is either a problem with the apple watch or the app (rungap, healthfit, etc) used to get the data.

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