How is the pacing strategy to reach a goal on a live segment defined by Strava?

Recently, I set a certain time as my goal for one of my Strava live segments. When I rode the segment, I used the virtual partner on my Garmin to let me know how well I am following the pacing strategy that Strava had designed for me to reach my target time. I noticed that this strategy was not simply "hold the appropriate average speed" but it suggested to me to go faster on flat parts and slower where the road was steep. That makes sense, however, in detail it did not work out perfectly. That means, I still gained against the virtual partner some time where is was flat and lost some time on the steep parts (although I tried hard to follow the virtual partner). So even though the pacing strategy considered the varying slope, it did not adapt to my personal performance profile w.r.t. how fast I can go on roads with small, medium, or large gradients. Does anyone have some information, how the Strava strategy is set up? What is the algorithm behind it? 



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