Cycling - iPhone - Apple Watch

Hello everyone,  apologies if this has already been asked, if so I couldn't  find it.

I'm a Summit member using an iPhone XR and a Quad Lock on my bike.  I also wear an Apple (Series 3 non LTE) watch.  Just curious, when I start my ride and hit record on my phone does any data come in from the watch?  Heart Rate, etc....I never touch the Strava app on my watch for bike rides, only runs.  

Is there a "best practices" for using Strava on the bike and or in conjuction with a watch? I've always looked at the Apple Watch as a remote control for the phone.  I'm pretty sure whatever you do on the watch just gets communicated to the phone.






  • Unfortunately, Strava seems to treat them as 2 different devices.  In an ideal world, I would have the map on my phone, and the metrics on my watch.

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