Login problems with Safari on Mac

I keep getting a message when i try to login to strava with safari on my iMac saying "you must be logged out before logging in again"  i've closed the application on all my devices but still can't login.  Works when I login through Google Chrome but not Safari. Has only been doing this for a few days...very frustrating.



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    We're aware that some users are seeing an error message when logging in on Safari. Our team is looking into this issue. In the meantime, please go ahead and refresh the page and try logging in again.

    If you are using the built-in password manager, please manually enter your email and password instead. 

    Cheers, Jeff

  • Same problem ... and every time I quit Safari I have to log into Strava again ... never used to happen and it's a PITA.

  • same problem, cannot log in to strava at all on my mac now, interestingly it has recognised me in support.strava, but every way I've tried of logging in, restarting and logging in, clearing caches/history etc make no difference to being able to access my activities

  • I’m having the same issue and it’s extremely frustrating. Was working fine until recently so clearly Strava made some change to their code. Shouldn’t have to manually enter password- Strava should code their site so it works correctly with Safari. 

  • "If you are using the built-in password manager, please manually enter your email and password instead." 

    Website no longer allows even this ... now get a message saying that I have to be logged out to log in.  

    Situation appears to be getting worse, not better.

  • @Jeff I can't login through Safari at all. Your suggestion of refreshing and  trying to login or manually entering login details does not work for me.  Please advise asap. I will unfortunately be cancelling my premium subscription and getting a refund as it's not being addressed to my satisfaction.  Sorry.

  • "If you are using the built-in password manager, please manually enter your email and password instead."

    I have the same problem, but this worked for me.

  • Me too been happening for a while. Still not sorted come on Strava its very frustrating, couldn't even sign in to this forum to Post!

  • Same problem here........safari/Mac/you must be logged out before logging in again - cleared the cache hoping that might fix - it didn't. Logging in manually did though work

  • This happened to me for the first time yesterday... tried to log on again this morning (hoping that it would work) but got the same message. 

    Found this forum, and the suggestion of entering the login details manually (rater than using the autocomplete) worked for me... 

    Thanks - hope the issue is resolved soon! 

  • Here it is May 31,2019.....and Strava logs me out of Safari on my iPhone. I use the desktop version on my phone. There is no box on the log in screen that allows me to click “keep me logged in”. Up to 2 weeks ago there was.

    I’ve noticed this same thing using Chrome on my PC...I have to constantly log on.

    What did you guys change?

  • The removal of a "Remember me" or "Keep me logged in" on desktop is a PITA. I don't want to have to log in every time I want to visit Strava.com.

  • I have the same problem on Safari: the "remember me" checkbox suddenly disappeared one day and since then I have to  enter email and password every time. This is only happening on Strava - all other websites remember my passwords.

  • Does anyone at Stava ever check these forums? Looks like everyone has the same complaint but there is no response from Strava.

    I use Firefox on a PC and an email log in (not Facebook) and there used to be a "Remember Me" box you could check. The box is gone and I have to log in every time I go to Stava - HUGE PITA.

    Are people logging in with Facebook not having this problem?

  • Same issue for me . "Remember me" and "Keep me logged in" has been dissapeare since early May in ALL my web browsers , including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft EDGE and Safari.


  • Ditto, tired of logging in every time I look at Strava. Surely if it was a bank or delicate information, but it's only fitness training really. Why the sudden overkill on security.

    Please reinstate "keep me logged in".

  • This is the response from Strava support back in May.  I still have to login OVER AND OVER!

    Skye (Help Center)

    May 29, 12:02 PM PDT

    Thanks for writing in. This feature is current down while we perform some maintenance on it. The 'Remember Me' function will be back soon and we appreciate your patience in the meantime.

    Strava Support Team
  • Still broken on firefox on PC. If you've got time to cut off 3rd party apps like Relive then you've got time to fix something as simple as remembering login credentials.

  • Same annoyance on Windows 7 Pro + Chrome browser.  Strava won't keep me logged in.

  • I got the same copy/paste response when I opened a premium ticket about it as well. They found someone new to lie to the customer base now that the old support staff is gone. 

  • Remembering a user. It is impressive how Strava has taken months for a basic capability websites have had since forever. Crazy.

    It really isn't a "feature", just a baseline capability a website with user accounts requires.

  • Well at least it's not just me, really annoying to have to log in all the time, multiple machines, locations and browser types.

    I was about to log a ticket, but seems it's "in hand" lol.

  • The Mac interface on Safari is not fit for purpose. Logging in often results in having to log in again with a session has expired notice and no retention of login details is very inconvenient - particularly if you have chosen a long secure password!

    This is a service I pay for not some free web site! 

  • "Remember me" is BACK!! Yes! (Finally... but YES!)

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