Biking with mounted iPhone + Apple Watch

Hi All, 

I have my phone mounted on my bike and want to have my heart rate and other sensor information feed into Strava on the iPhone while I'm riding. Is this possible? 

Bluetooth sensors. I'm having issues getting Wahoo bluetooth sensors for cadence and speed to be recognized, they will show up in the wahoo app, but will not show up in Strava. 

Apple Watch. The heart rate information from Apple Watch doesn't appear to be able to be usable in the iPhone app. Is that accurate?


Thank you!



  • I'm looking for a similar answer I think.

    I have a Garmin Forerunner 735XT watch with a chest HR monitor.  The watch has a perfectly good gps and I've set up the Garmin Connect app on my phone (as m suggests above) to automatically upload sessions to Strava once the watch is connected via bluetooth to the phone.  But if I just use the watch then I can't see and plan for upcoming segments on my route.  And if I use the phone (which shows the map telling you where you are and where the segments are) then I can't get heart rate measurements from the chest rig!  Would be good to know if there's some setting I'm missing where the Connect App can give a live update or run Strava live so I can get both the HR capture plus using the app for the mapping...

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  • In another thread, people seemed to be concluding the heart rate info is used if the session is started from the Apple Watch. But it is ignored if the session is started from the phone.

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  • (Note that the FREE version of Runkeeper solves this problem so you can start from either the watch or the phone and they stay in sync.)

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