Should indoor rides be included on club leaderboards?

As the title suggests. I don't agree with including indoor/Zwift etc rides on club leader boards. Not really in the spirit of club riding unless the whole club does a watt bike session or similar. Annoying at times when you go out several times per week to be beaten by someone prepared to sit on a bike in the comfort of there home and knock out average speeds they could only dream of doing in the real world. Just wondering if anyone else shares the same thoughts?

Perhaps a separate board/competition for indoor rides??



  • A separate board would be a good idea, my own situation is as follows, I am 83 years old and having lost the sight in my right eye six years ago ( turning right is very dodgy) and after a life time in cycling I decided to give up riding, luckily Zwift came along. I now average 3 or 4 rides a week and of course they come up on my clubs leader board, I must admit it is encouraging to see myself on the board again, but I am slightly uneasy when  the others in my club are riding outside in all weather.

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