Time difference on a segment between riders with Garmin devices with autopause on

I have a Garmin 800 on which I enabled autopause when I ride below 3 k/h. My friend has a Garmin 1000 and he also enabled autopause but around 10 k/h I guess because I heared a couple of times the sound autopause on the beginning of a climb when his speed was around 10k/h. On the top of the climb I was a couple of minutes ahead of him but when I looked to his result on Strava on the segment, it showed like I was 10 sec slow compared to his time. FYI, his moving time and total time on the segment were the same (seems strange to me as well). The autopause was only a couple of seconds each time.

Is it possible the short autopauses on the climb are the reason of this?

Thank you for your comment



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