Activities for Relative Effort

Is there only a limited range of HR activities that are included in Relative Effort metrics??

No issues including my cycling, both indoor and outdoor, but cardio cross training sessions (both indoor and outdoor) do not generate RE scores.

Am I missing something?




  • for me Weight training or Cross Fit training using Garmin Fenix 5 give like 5-7 score range for 45 / 60 minutes of workout what sims to be a complete nonsense....
    Minor impact on Fitness & Freshness  what is complete wrong!  I feel more tired after hard lifting than 45 easy run..... 

    So, Strava metrics are useless ? 

    In Garmin Connect my traing load feauture or Traing status mesure those workouts more accurate! 

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  • My fitness scores used to reflect progress in training, over multiple 13-week or 20-week cycles, and even showed small plateaus if the training had lighter weeks.  

    But for the last few months my fitness scores have been worse than useless, trending down when my performance and endurance has definitely improved by any measure except Strava fitness.  I use a Scosche Rhythm + armband HRM which is very accurate.  

    Feedback from Strava is overdue but they don't seem to give a shit - witness the decrease in versatility / useability e.g. no more data from numerous sensors, no gps data from iPhones, many missing features e.g. why no photos or a simple text-note field for multiple sports. This is very basic stuff and leaves me with the impression that senior management are not interested, they have taken the money and run.  

    Strava is expensive for duff data, and the erosion of features coupled with lack of obvious features that coule be supplied by adding a few lines of code, won't be rewarded by my loyalty.   

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