App very slow

Just moved from iPhone to android device

The Strava app takes forever to load - like 2 mins. Activities and segments also then take forever to load

Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling

Help! It's unusable in the current state



  • We are finding the same issues, seems to be androit phones that have issues. Refer to comments on this fb post.

  • Yes, I've had this problem for a while. it's crazy.....I have to force quite the app all the time, to get data to load. 

    It's not my connection or old tech, new iPhone and all other apps like Instagram and facebook load without any trouble. please sort this out, as I'm paying for this service and at the moment it's bordering on unusable. 

  • I'm having the same issue. Seems to have happened after a recent update. The "Edit activity" page takes several minutes to load, and after it is done loading, it will wipe out all the changes I've made... pretty frustrating.

  • Same here. Hard to load. Takes awhile. It's effecting usability.

  • Same here, brand new Samsung s10e, takes 80+ seconds to just load the main "Following" section and another minute+ if I want to edit an existing activity. I have a ticket open with Strava. I'll see what comes of it. My app is stored on the internal storage and I've uninstalled, reinstalled, cleared data, and cache, all with the same result.

    using version 111.7(1033200) on stock Android.

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