Fitness & Freshness level too low

Hi My training was continuously at a comparable level. I wonder why the graph is now descenting (see screenshot).Do you have an explanation?


Best regards, Steve



  • I've seen this issue when I changed my HR zones to custom zones instead of the 'Based on Max HR' setting. It seems to cut all training impulses to about 30% of normal, even if the zone boundaries are exactly the same!

    I raised a bug about a year ago, it wasn't clear if/when there would be a fix.

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  • Hi Callum

    Thanks for your advice - it works, at least the impulse ist getting taller:

    The last two entries are now taller than the ones before. Obviously a bug.

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  • Yes there has been a bug in the calc for Custom vs Default - which has been that way since the change from Suffer Score to Relative Score.  Wonderful that it still hasn't been fixed...

    You can request Support run an update on past activities now that you have updated you HR zones.

    However one thing I have found is the nature of continued training and increased fitness, once you have a large aerobic base, it is really tough to consistently get high Suffer scores...  making it seem like you are 'resting' when you are still putting in pretty hard work.   Now that i'm more Fit, if i run/bike with friends I only get scores of 8-15 when it used to be 20-30... 

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