Strava Challenges are ridiculous

How far can you ride this month? 1,250 km (750 miles) gets a finishers badge.

Leave the flats behind and climb at least 7,500 meters this month. 7,500 meters (almost 25,000 feet) gets a finishers badge.

Have a long day in the saddle on a 100 km (62 miles) ride. Finishers get a badge.

The only other challenge for biking in my area is reasonably attainable and I'm signed up for.

So Strava challenges are obviously -- *OBVIOUSLY* -- geared for elite athletes instead of what I have to imagine the bulk of the user base is which is normal people who exercise 3 - 5 times a week, work a regular full-time job, and have family or other *normal* obligations to tend to.

These aren't challenges for most people. These are extremes, like running your first full marathon, or participating in your first triathlon.

Can we please get some reasonably attainable challenges for mortals who like to exercise but aren't going to be able to climb the equivalent of 2 Mt Rainiers or ride the round trip distance between Phoenix and San Diego? Leave the elite level challenges for those who have the disposable time and 40bpm resting heart rate, but give us schlubs something reasonably outside of our regular expenditure but attainable.



  • These challenges aren't meant to be easy for everyone to get. They are called a "challenge" for a reason.

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  • Yes, I agree many of the monthly challenges are pretty high for a lot of folks, however... I am able to hit the running distance regularly while training good.   I am not elite, just a regular ol 38 yr old Dad with a full time job.  

    The climbing... yeah, very tough to hit those numbers, I live in flatland so near impossible.  The riding distance, works out to roughly 178miles a week (or 12-9.5hrs of riding)... i've hit those numbers for a week here and there...  Not for 4 weeks straight.   So very doable with fairly regular 30-100mile rides and/or commuting.  Never raced bikes... so opposite of elite. ???

    Just depends what your goals are I guess.

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  • A possibility could be having something like the 1/2 a marathon. I imagine they could make a bronze badge for people that ride 1250/2=625 km (150 km per weekend unless you do ride during the week) that changes to the 1250km badge if you get to that distance.

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