Strava treats stops as riding time when importing Garmin data

I use a Garmin Edge 520, with the Garmin Connect app sending data to Strava. 

When Strava receives data from the Garmin app, it doesn't always recognize stops as non-riding time. The Strava app has an auto-pause feature, but that is a difference in initial data collection, not later data processing.

As an example of the problem, here is data from a recent bicycle-commute to work, where I was stopped waiting at multiple stoplights. Such city riding is a good test cases because there are regular stops at intersections and stoplights.

  • Cateye speedometer (uses wheel magnet, not GPS): 26:50
  • Strava ride from Strava app: 27:25
  • Strava ride from Garmin data: 28:30 (note: full riding time was also 28:30, so no pauses detected from data).

All three showed very similar distances. I know th at the old-style speedometer is only recording riding-time while the wheel is turning. Strava app takes a bit of time for auto-pause to be detected, resulting in the extra 35 seconds. Whereas Strava doesn't interpret any pauses when importing the data from my Garmin unit.

Are there good ways to correct this ride-time-accuracy issue? Some setting for how Strava interprets the Garmin data during import?



  • Similar to your situaiton...

    Why my POOL SWIM recorded on Garmin Fenix 6 when uploaded to Starva as RIDE??? On Garmin Connect, and Training Peak both recorded as SWIM. Can Strava provides a reason? I have to change the Strava Ride to Swim but this will reflects as total time and not moving time thus affecting my swim pace. This was not an issue before coming from Strava.

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