Fitness and Freshness charts

Have the most recent changes to the fitness and freshness calculations been tested thoroughly?  

As my fitness has increased over the year  I've seen my fitness score begin to flatten out and not increase so much with similar workouts to ones at the start of the year. This makes sense!!!  However after a recent change to the calculations I'm am now seeing larger increase to my fitness score for relatively little effort compared to efforts before.

If the current calculations are now correct and the previous ones were not, will my previous workouts be recalculated, as it now shows larger increase for an hour's ride at steady pace than 2 hours at full gas?





  • Strava will not reply. They ignore you. Maybe users can help.


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  • I am having the same problem.  I ran a marathon in June and May was definitely my peak fitness for the year after an intense marathon schedule.  Yet over the last 2 weeks my fitness has suddenly increase by 30 points and I'm now 10 points above my highest ever, running a consistent but not strenuous training schedule.  Very implausible.  Definitely a bug, or if the calculation has changed this much, then you must inform as to why and really just quit comparing the old numbers to the new on the chart.  It's apples and orangutans.

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  • I've ditch the submit package now and gone with 'Elevate' which is a free add on for the Google chrome browser.
    It's free and far more accurate, whilst using your same strava activities.

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