Why can't I get the bluetooth HR data from my Garmin Fenix 5x to feed directly through Strava?

Or can I? Is there a direct question to this?


When I attempt to hook this up as a device, the Strava app doesn't seem to "see" the Garmin watch. However, there *are* people here who seem to have gotten this done.  The general pattern is 1) they became a subscriber, so Strava would show them the setting permitting the collection of health data and  2) ... I dunno after that.

So, Strava, I've purchased a subscription, and ensured the setting to collect health related data is set to permit such collection. Any other advice? I sure would appreciate it.



  • Are you trying to record an activity with the strava app but do a 'broadcast HR' from your watch to phone?  If so, I believe that the watch broadcasts in ANT+, which only some phones have that feature.  If you are trying to get your Garmin based activities to Strava, you need to setup the link to get them copied over automatically.

    Otherwise if you mean day to day HR....Strava doesn't do daily activity tracking of Steps/HR/Sleep like Garmin, Fitbit, etc.

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