"User-name tagged you in this activity. Accept to save ." [ACCEPT] makes no change. How should I ACCEPT my friend's activity record?

On our group ride Strava mobile ceased recording less than half-way, A friend in our group ride noticed my activiy's much shorter mileage, and sent me his ride activity. I got a notification: "Bob tagged you in this activity. Accept to save it to your profile and show on your activity feed." Pressed [ACCEPT] but no change to my profile or actiity feed.

After trying [ACCEPT] twice 2 hours apart, I exported .GPX of my half-recorded activity, then deleted it, as some help responses suggest you cannot import a friend's activity if it coincides with your own.  Waited another 2 hours, then tried to ACCEPT Bob's activity again, still no change.  His actiity record is https://www.strava.com/activities/2493110570/.  My partial activity is no longer present, but the original activity number might be present in the .GPX backup, if it's needed

Hovering over the burnt-orange [ACCEPT] button subtly changes its color slightly greyer; clicking it adds light blue border line around the button, and it remains in focus, but no actual activity record change.

How should I proceed to ACCEPT my friend's activity record?



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