Route Builder changes

I love the route builder heat map, but...

The layout in the route builder is terrible. There shouldn't be any space below the elevation bar or on the left of the setting bar. The huge area taken up by STRAVA logo at the top should be combined with the area below it (that has the zoom buttons). These changes would make the map view more of a square and less of a short and wide rectangle. 

It would be great if it was possible to adjust the darkness / intensity of the heat map. It is too light and can be hard to see. Also, when you enter the route builder it might as well start with the heat map setting turned on because there is no reason not to use it. It makes the roads easier to see at the very least. 




  • Agree on the default setting!  Although currently it limits your zooming ability which makes me turn it off at times.  Also the HeatMap is so dark/opaque that it makes it hard to draw a map on trails (when trails are missing...) sometimes.  

    I wish the Heatmap scaled, hard to tell where the 'best' routes are in busy areas... ALL ROADS are BRIGHT RED.... kind of defeats the purpose.  Even in a busy bike city, there should be a range of colors indicating high/medium/lower traffic in relation to THAT area.  So it makes it impossible to determine what roads would be a preferred bike/run route.

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