Need to be able to hide HR data as a privacy setting

It is great that Strava has enabled the ability to hide HR-data (ex. heart rate) onan activity level, but this shoudl be a privacy setting that I can set to default hiding HR data for every activity I record.



  • Just out of curiosity, why would you want to hide HR data in some cases? Just curious mostly. I know of a recent incident where a guy I know tried to fake a KOM on a climb by driving it just a little faster than you can ride it. Most of the data looked like it was plausible (although not necessarily for that person with the training they have been doing) except for the HR. The HR data that was posted with the file was the giveaway that made it obvious, maxing out at 106 for a 15 minute hill climb. If he could have hidden the HR data on that file, it would have been harder to identify it as a fake file.

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  • Voting for this because I agree that the option should exist.

    Work around option #1) find the "submit a request" button at the bottom of this page, and ask Strava support if you can deny them "consent to process and store your health-related data." See

    Work around option #2) Change all of your activities to private by default, then you can manually set them to public and check that heart rate box as desired. It's just as tedious, but at least it prevents the data from ever going public by default.


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