More control over Strava Live Segment Goals

Garmin says that Strava controls what shows up on the segment goals... So, Strava, I would like to be able to control this. I don't care about recent best, latest, or rivals. All I care about is my PR and the KOM. Please allow some control over how the target is chosen. The most requested seems to be to default to PR, but I would also like to see the ability to default to the KOM.




  • Yes!  I have this problem on both the Strava App and the Wahoo Element - if I have ridden the segment before it measures me against my PR.  But instead, I want it to measure me against the KOM.  Is there a way to universally set this for starred segments?

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  • it is easy. training/strava live segments/option/priority leader.

    but i want to ask you something else: are "last" and "recent best" working with you?

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