Relative Effort affected by changing max HR?

This seems somewhat obvious, but I want to be sure that I am making a correct assumption.  I recently changed my max HR (auto calculated zones based on that input), and I have seen a significant change in my relative effort "scores".  My presumption is that relative effort is calculated using time in HR zones, so, changing one's max HR would result in a higher relative effort score (assuming max HR was reduced, and the same ride data, etc.)  Do I have this correct?

Thanks in advance for your help!




  • Same things happened to me....   I changed my HR max  & HR Zones in STRAVA according to update from Garmin Connect  (shame is not happening automatic way...)

    Doing the same workout now I get a half of scores than before 
    Example 8 km recovery run before 45 / 50 now only 25  to make more
    fun / or / dissapointing ? the average heart rate was the same 144 BPM  for both runs

    How comes that relative effort get down to jsut 25  ??? 
    if you add to this that , this run was make without breakfast = which definately makes that even more challenging for my body... Looks like there is a problem with Strava metrics..... 

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