Total displaying incorrectly

Hi there, 

Not had many issues over my time using Strava, but currently experiencing a weird one with no sign yet of any kind of response to my support request. 

My activities are synchronised to Strava from two places ... Zwift and Garmin Connect, and all activities are present and correct. However, my total mileage for 2019 to date is showing as 2,718.9 where it should be 2625.6 ("coincidentally" the different being the exact length of my RideLondon ride last weekend). 

There are no duplicate activities, and the list of activities is exactly the same in GC as in Strava. I have also added up the monthly and weekly totals showing in Strava and they are also both correct, giving a total mileage for this year of 2,625. 

Anyone experienced anything like this, or have any idea what might be going on, in the absence of any response from Strava themselves yet?




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