Automatic START/ STOP for my ROUTE?

I have a ROUTE saved. On this ROUTE are several SEGMENTS, some created by me, and some created by others.  My data are always recorded automatically, on all the SEGMENTS, but not on my ROUTE! I just smashed my previous PR on the ROUTE, but STRAVA included my warmup mile, my ROUTE,  and my cool-down mile, thus ruining my data. I thought STRAVA would automatically record the ROUTE, separated from the warm-up and cool-down...Is the automatic START/STOP feature for SEGMENTS only, and not ROUTES?  I  am a confused cave man, and cannot figure this out.  HELP!



  • Your activity starts when you hit START, and stops when you hit STOP. It finds segments along the way, and records those on your activity. Routes are more of a planning feature, and your activities won't relate to them in any way at all. Strava doesn't automatically break apart your activity by warm-up, cool-down, route, segment, etc.

    Many people record their warm-up, training, and cool-down as one activity and just say that, and many people also record those as separate activities. Those are your two basic options.

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