Samsung Galaxy Active 2 - Pace numbers don't seem accurate

Having some issues being confident in the pace numbers on my new samsung watch and am wondering if anyone has had similar issues.

I installed the "I am alive" app which allows for strava to always be on display, I hate how without it the run details are not on the face of my watch unless I make a gesture with my arm.  Even then the data doesn't appear for long.  So this app makes it always visible.

However the pace details when I glance at my arm are always much slower then when I bring the watch up and gesture.  It will show a pace of 6:07 but then when I move my arm upwards it will show 5:07.  This pace also doesn't vary as much as it does with my garmin - the range seemed to stay in the 5:04 - 5:11 range.

Is there any setting that I need to be aware of?  Is there a continuous GPS setting anywhere on the samsung watch?




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