A question about beacon links

Hi, everybody.

I've got interested in beacon feature and considering paying sub for it. One thing that still worries me is that (as it seems) you need to send a new monitoring link each time you go on a ride.

This is totally unacceptable for me, as when convenience is affected like that, this will only result in feature being disregarded after some time. I would need a simple, permanent, long enough link I could just add to bookmarks to my parents' browsers and simply tell them that they can check on me anytime by clicking it.

Anything more complex than that will most likely won't last longer. I'll just start forgetting to use it, or just will be too lazy to send the new links all the time etc. That's just doesn't seem like a good idea to me.

Is there a way to issue a permanent, long-lasting tracking link when using this feature?



  • It's really not much of an extra step to send the link each time.  Once you set it up the first time, it is ready to go.  When you click the record button on the phone app, right next to the "START" button is "Send Beacon Text".  You just tap the "send beacon text" button and then "start" from the same area of the same screen.  You don't have to go to any special page or type in anything.

    The advantage with this is that whoever you want to know where you are will know when you are out doing something rather than just guessing at it and being confused when they see a blank screen 95% of the time when you aren't recording an activity.  There are other apps that you can set up so they can always see where your phone is if you are just looking for a tracking feature so they know where you are at all times.

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  • I can't agree with this. For security feature like that, it's a big difference. I'm personally routinely forget to start recording in Strava itself from time to time. I.e. the app is always opened on my phone, I just forget to tap the "Start" button sometimes. I would really like it to still beaconing my location even in this particular case, ensuring that I'm covered, no matter what. Eliminating human factor is one of the priorities when it comes to security. If I forget to send a link and something happens to me - the feature is useless, and that's because of flaw in its design. That really discourages from paying for it.

    Another side of this problem is making it easily accessible for the people you share it with. If it's a permanent link, I can add it as bookmark in a browser on PC of my parents, or even make a desktop shortcut there - and I'll be 100% sure they will click it and will get my location. And with non-permanent link, it suddenly becomes unnecessarily complex - they need to go to their mailbox each time, try to find it in there, try to remember what exactly they need to search for etc.

    It just has too much of points of failure, this way. It doesn't look solid at all.

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