Mileage totals do not match

The year to date miles in Strava training log is 116 miles less than the total of the bikes shown on Strava under gear. Somewhere in Strava are a few rides not showing up on my activity but I cannot find them.

Year to date total 2,481

Totals by bike:

1      526 miles

2    2,018 miles

3        53 miles

for a total of 2,597, a difference of 116 miles, I know the miles on bike 3 are correct.

I reviewed each ride and there is a bike assigned, no duplicate entries. 

Why is this occurring and can it be corrected?




  • Solved-the totals for the bikes are cumulative, not by year. 

    I started tracking two bikes in November 2018 which added the mileage to 2019. 

    To fix this I added two new bikes: Bike 1 2018 and Bike 2 2018 and edited the 2018 rides in the calendar, hit refresh and the numbers are now equal. 

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