Garmin Marq device info in Strava

For my activities recorded on my Garmin Marq watch, the data capture device is not indicated on any of my Strava activities. My activities come through fine but they have no device indicated at all. The device info looks fine in Garmin Connect.  I haven’t had this problem with any of my other Garmin devices (935, 945, Edge, etc.). 

I reported this to Strava Tech Support a couple of months ago and I was told that they had to add it to their database. Seems odd that it should take this long. 

I know it’s not the end of the world, but over time, I’d like to be able to look back and know what device I recorded the activity with.

Anyone else using a Garmin Marq and actually seeing the device info in Strava?




  • My Garmin Marq is not shown either. My wifes newer Garmin fenix 6s is shown

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