Is it at all posible to have another separate Strava system specifically for E-bikes, might save some local animosity!? Or have I missed that it exists and E-bikers chose not to use it?!



  • You can choose E biking as the activity. Although I concur that having those km's seperate might be nice.

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  • E-bike activities aren't meant to show up on leaderboards, I believe... if they do, people may not be tagging their rides as e-bike rides.

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  • One thing that might help is a small UI tweak: currently if I select my e-bike from the gear list I also have to select an e-bike ride still: it would be great if the UI allowed me to say a bike is an e-bike.


    (I can very occasionally choose to use it without the motor, but I am really not likely to do that, and I am happy to always change it back if that's the case, rather than have to change two things when I could just change one)

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  • E-bike rides have their own segments and leaderboards so don't worry. If you see an e-bike ride in normal leaderboards just report it. But you have to be sure he/she used an ebike.

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  • When will strava recognise the popularity of e-bikes and give them  similar support. When you sign up for summit you expect to receive the same functionality as normal bikes.

    E-bikes segments are not supported and you are unable to search for them. Live segments dont work. you only ever find a segment if you are luckily enough to ride it by chance as it only shows up after you upload the ride. When you sign upto summit there is nothing informing you that e-bike riders don't receive these functions, but they seem happy enough to take our money.   I feel they have miss sold me a product.

    Strava never answer the questions raised as to when these functions will be made available if ever. They need to honest to their customers  so we can make an informed decision to keep paying for something we are clearly not receiving.

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  • Ebike is a category, and people who use them can dedicate a specific bike as ebik. Strava will upload as Ebike.

    However, there are issues when people upload as Ebike, Strava will show segmants and KOMs. That is not the users fault but some glitch in Strava uploads. 

    I am Sorry to say, but some people who consider themselves athletes and live a healthy life, are not healthy in Speach when it comes to KOMs.


    I really urge Strava to look into the matter of ebike uploads, but where segments and KOMs are shown. People take responsibility, but still the rides are processed as normal rides. Yes, in the title it says automatically "Ebike ride"

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    Managed to get hold of someone in Strava support, you can see my question below and you can also see the reply I finally received. You can conclude from their "corporate" reply they may as well of stuck 2 fingers up to me. E bike riders wont be getting the summit functions they have paid for any time soon.

    Apr 9, 12:25 PM PDT

    I had a reply from one of your operatives named Skye, from his reply it was apparent he didn't understand my issue. lets explain it again.
    I am a summit subscriber, I ride an E-bike recording my ride with the e-bike category. I have made 300 e-bike segments from my rides (See my dashboard). as a summit subscriber I should get live segment function when using e -bike category and I should get e bike segment search on my phone and also when using your website, I don't get either. This has been flagged up by other e bike riders within your forums going back many years (see link)

    I also run a garmin edge 830 that is linked to my strava account, The garmin does not show my strava segments either. I contacted garmin about this issue. I was informed,strava are not supporting e bike segments and therefore will nort work on the garmin device.

    Other e bike riders using e-bike category only know they have ridden an e bike segment when they upload their ride to their strava page. so its nothing more than pure luck they found the segment.

    I am asking when are you going to support e bike category the same way you support normal bike riders. Us e bike riders subscribing to summit are entitled to the same functions as other summit subscribers riding conventional bikes.

    hope this explains my issue know


    Skye (Help Center)

    Apr 9, 1:19 PM PDT

    Thanks for sharing your feedback with us. We have passed your feedback onto our Community Team for review.

    We review all feature requests and suggestions and we are grateful for your contribution. It’s our goal to improve Strava based on your feedback whenever possible. We wish we could respond personally to all feedback, but please understand that we may not, and we may not decide to use your feedback.

    Strava Support Team


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  • Would be nice indeed to exclude e-bikes from the normal ranking.

    The current situation is ridiculous, nerds on battery powered bikes showing off with there motorised KOM's... 

    I don't think it is to difficult the use an algoritme to bounce these cheaters out of the ranking. Low heart rate, high speed and miles ahead to real bikers on the same segment.

    This app would be a lot more interesting if it would stay fair for everybody. In the end we all want to enjoy the results of our hard physical work ;-)

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  • -1
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  • So, as someone who can speak from both ends of the spectrum (I have non ebikes, and ebikes both)

    1.) Not all of us are trying to break non-ebike KOMs with our Ebikes.  Strava's ebike 'support' (if you can call it that) is abysmal.  I didn't even know there *was* an ebike 'ride' type.  You have to *edit* your ride to see that.  If you're using a computer, why do you need to *edit* a ride, unless something goes wrong with the reporting?  Hence -- You don't see these features.

    2.) Segments do NOT work on ebikes, period.  Strava has specifically disabled ebike segment data.  If I have to go in and convert to an ebike ride, and then suddenly lose all the segments, that tells me that the feature is *not* available.

    I don't expect (or want) to compete with pedal power,  I like seeing my own PRs and similar though, and it's why I invested in summit.  Attitudes like the one from Filip are the perfect example of what plagues most sports, people assume they are the greatest ever.  Last I checked, you're not Lance A, and Lance used steroids.. that's not fair..  So do many pros.. That's not fair..  -- Stop thinking you're so mighty.  If someone is riding an ebike, they are still riding.  They are still exercising, they are still getting healthy, and strava is meant to be a 'social' platform, so that's what people are *trying* to use it for.  Unless you're racing professionally, stop being a stuck up snob/twat.  It's pretty simple, really.

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  • Well Marc.... A typical reaction of an e-bike (wannabee) biker.
    Every one has to decide for himself to use any kind of bike, I respect everybody’s choice but I’m just saying: Keep it fair!!
    I spit on Armstrong, he’s a joke, just like all other dope addicted nerds. You probably bought his colored bracelets at the time. I never did buy one, I knew someting wasn’t right. At first friends laught at me, untill the big news came out 😂
    If you can’t do it without, look for another sport, maybe go play chess or someting. Oh no, that’s for intelligent people...
    And yes I know that almost all pro’s cheat, do I have to say that’s okay? Don’t think so.
    Where do I write I’m great? I’m not a racer, I’m just a hobby rider who wants to play the game fair. That’s my point: Fair!

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  • Strava isn’t worth subscribing to now as far as the fun on segments is concerned.  There’s more and more e-bikes that aren’t being declared as such.  One local lady sold her road bike and now has an e bike  as her only bike and persists in logging as a normal ride.  Flagged her again earlier and got a reply from Strava Saying she is no longer using an e-bike, so she is now a liar as well as a cheat.  

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  • Not clearly comprehending Strava for it's use or value if e-bikes can't have their own designation.

    Pay the damn programmers to develop an updated application.

    It's not like they don't make enough money

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  • I'm a 66 years old biker. Now I decided to acquire a Assisted Eletric Bike. Is Stravav planning to record segments for Ebikes segregated from regular bikes ? Otherwise I will be getting KOMs and RP in a unfair way.

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