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    @arnold which version of the Huawei Watch do you have? My watch v1 only samples every 5 mins or so.  It also fails to log a strava reading over 99bpm but that's another story. id love to get contin...

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    To clarify my first post about when a watch gets strava HR support it seems to be when your WATCH gets upgraded to Wear 2.0. (Check settings ->about on the watch) not when the Android Wear App on y...

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    @Dionei Use the watch settings app to disable sensors for strava swipe down from watch face then hit rightmost icon (gear cogs) Apps->Strava->Permissions->Sensors This will disable all watch sensor...

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    It would also be great if there was an official list of each major Android Wear watch and what works and what doesn't.  Not getting the heart rate monitor used on my huawei watch  (v1).