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    Michael Stokes, had a similar response a couple of weeks back. "We are aware of this issue and working on a resolution. Unfortunately, I do not have a timeline for when the issue will be resolved. ...

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    Empty scroll box in segments

    When I scroll across the profile of a cycling segment I no longer see information (speed, gradient) in the moving scroll box. The box is there, it's just empty. Anyone else have the same problem?

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    I have the same issue, started when I tried to generate new 2019 heatmaps for running and cycling, now nothing will update (neither 2019s or all-times), and I have to generate from new. Annoying.

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    I'm guessing that Strava don't see this as a priority, which is a shame. I'd really like to separate hiking from running, and mountain biking from road biking, but, at present, all I get are the 2 ...