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  • Yes! This is the very least functionality that Routes must have. Ideally audio turn-by-turn navigation also, but without auto directional map orientation Routes is useless on a smartphone.

  • I'll chime in at this point to bring up my long standing gripe: routes created in Strava are useless if you use the app and not a dedicated device. We need turn-by-turn audio navigation or at the v...

  • @Parker M., you can add Waypoints, but you can't just do it by clicking, you must click and drag a little on the map, otherwise, as you say, it adds an updated end point.

  • @Laura Forsythe, I have asked for this feature for at least 5 years, and most recently twice in this thread. I find the Routes feature of Strava almost useless within the App. Please upvote my orig...

  • Turn-by-Turn Audio Navigation Not to take anything away from any of these great ideas for improving Routes, but unless we can get Turn-by-Turn Audio Navigation, then Routes is almost useless to any...

  • So, it looks like my first post was deleted. Oh well. Hopefully this one meets the criteria for a useful post. I would like to resurrect a long requested suggestion: adding turn-by-turn audio navig...

  • Where would I post a feature suggestion for the Android/iPhone apps? If there is not already a section of the Forum dedicated to this, could there be one created?

  • If you are a subscriber you can use Personal Heatmaps as described here: https://support.strava.com/hc/en-us/articles/216918467-Personal-Heatmaps-Summit-