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  • Ghost ²⁴님이 에 댓글을 입력함

    Guys, a "kudos" is the same as a "good morning", "good day", or "good evening". You wouldn't want to take back a "good morning", even if it was to a stranger in line at Starbucks would you? So why ...

  • Ghost ²⁴님이 에 댓글을 입력함

    Hi @Jeff Sieben, I once struggled with that part of the app too. But I have since figured out how to do what you're trying to do without accidentally giving a kudos. If you click on the icon for th...

  • Ghost ²⁴님이 에 댓글을 입력함

    I can't believe there's *THIS MANY* people upset about accidentally giving a kudos. What's the big deal? We've all done it, we've all been the recipient of them too. It means absolutely nothing. Pl...