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    I saw Steve Greenock post about spammers.  I work as a community manager - spammer/bots are very hard to prevent and usually the best methods are to add in requirements for full members - some numb...

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    added some comments on the club page as well. being able to create challenges is a big improvement.  Now just need to bring this to clubs and add a few features.  1) allow opt in for any club membe...

  • Patrick V.님이 에 댓글을 입력함

    Soren - the "create Group Challenge" option that just recently appeared on my mobile app (Android) is near perfect.  This just needs  a few additions.  1 - add this to "Clubs" - members of the club...

  • Patrick V.님이 에 댓글을 입력함

    Just want to add to Jon Hill's post - Clubs are hosting many different sorts of challenge events and limiting these to cycling or running is very limiting.  Please open options up to "Clubs" to inc...