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    I get the concerns with ebikes on pedal bike leader boards.  That is flat out cheating. But I don't get the running vs. hiking vs. walking concern.  If one wants to be competitive for bi-ped locomo...

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    If Segment is made from multiple laps of a loop the best consecutive attempt should be used as PR If there is a segment that is for example 5 laps around a mile loop and an attempt is made by ridin...

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    I've found fairly consistently that if my phone has both cell and wifi connected that when I transition outdoors even when I wait and get a good signal that gps will not lock in correctly resulting...

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    I've noticed that when cycling auto pause consistently pauses only after ~10sec (feels more like 20) of non movement.  In this time the stop or finish buttons in the Strava app do not work - it is ...