Why does Strava adjust your Garmin's time / average speed?

Why does Strava adjust your ride time / average speed?

Today I finished a ride and my Garmin and bike computer which runs off the wheel not GPS gave me an average speed of 32.5 kph. I then uploaded to Strava and it showed 32.5 kph, an hour later it had been corrected to 31.8 kph. This is real annoying and I don't know why Strava feels like they have to adjust it when clearly their calculations are wrong.






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  • Similar issue here - I export from Wahoo using their speed sensor. Strava recalculates the GPS data instead of using Wahoo's numbers and get max speed, moving time and average speed wrong.

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  • I raised a ticket about this issue once and the reply was this. Strava calcullates average speed more critically than Garmin. It only recognises you have stopped 15 seconds after your device has autopaused. So you could be stopped for nearly half a minute but Strava sees it as non-stop so your average speed drops.


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  • I have done a nonstop ride and the average speed is different. Why then?

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