Display the recording device type on the app

I think Strava is missing a trick with this with a potential to monetise a simple feature.

A lot of people will sync their workout from a GPS watch. When viewing workouts on the website on a browser you can see what device was used, this is not the case on the apps, you can not see this information anywhere. If Strava did display this information and then followed my next advice they could be adding a great feature.

The Strava iOS app and Android App links to the app on the appropriate app store. Why don't Strava do this with the watch devices possibly via affiliate programs to earn commission on any sales. If you follow a mate that is constantly uploading effortless runs and you can see they are using the latest Garmin/Polar/Sunnuto/TomTom, you would click to see how much and possibly buy it. It is an opportunity for Strava to earn some commission with the potential to eventually sell devices, but commission would be easier. The easiest solution would be via Amazon affiliates, but they could build up partnerships for approved partners for each different brand of device.

It then opens up for them to expand their official list of devices. Their are now services such as that import workouts to Strava from rowing devices that don't offer a direct import, advertising these services could bring extra users to Strava.



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    We’ve added an upload device card to the activity details page on mobile so it displays what device you were using during your activity.

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  • Yes, Strava has a big inconsistency between app and web view. Internally Strava has this information and I believe they provide it for third parties :)

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