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Around where I live there are a lot of running segments which were clearly created in the "early days" of Strava.  Their GPS accuracy is not great, and they have generic misleading and duplicated names (e.g. "XYZ Road Climb" when they are a trail run and XYZ Road is just the nearest road, but still a mile away).

The only person with the ability to edit them is the original creator, and it's not possible to identify who that is from the app.  And as a runner, there's no feature to hide segments (unlike cyclists) so I can't just suppress them from my feed.

I would suggest that a link to notify the original creator "I'd like to adopt your segment" and then either a positive response from the creator, or perhaps an escalation process where no response is received (perhaps backed up with a default option for user accounts "Never accept adoption requests") would be useful.  And perhaps only allow for adoption where the segment is > 12 (?) months old? 

We're getting to the stage now where segments have accumulated so much that some tidying up would be helpful, and doing this from within the community (whilst potentially fraught with some conflict) would be far preferable to an algorithm solving the density.



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  • I would like to adopt (delete) this picture of a male Human genitalia someone drew in a field need me:

    And various other segments that pass through buildings and over canals. You can't flag them as hazardous if you can't ride them, there seems to be no criteria for removing this sort of thing. 1/1 seems to be a popular score for Koms. I don't think Strava cares.

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  • LOL, at least I can't see too many people repeating that segment - though my wife has run around there in the past when we've all been sat watching athletics at the track at Longford Park - must get her to try to take the segment PR!!

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  • Agree

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