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I'm sure someone has mentioned this idea before. I've only been rising for just over a 1yr and have clocked up a bit over 7000km and one thing I noticed is there is no incentive within Strava to explore new roads or segments. I went in a 110km ride the other day and I had 1 segment that I had done before and about 60+ new ones. To anyone else, it looks like I'd done a very slow ride because they wouldn't know if I'd done them before.
It would be a nice addition to a Strava ride to say I went on 20 new segments under stats. It would be nice to be able to look back over the year/month/week and see that I explored more new roads.



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  • A nice idea I heard was 'Mayor' of a segment for the most often rider. Similarly Strava could give 'Explorer' badges for riding 20/50/100 new segments in one ride. 

    Instead of a PB for a new segment they could just give a green 'new segment' rosette to highlight them. As for your ride, well, your position is your position, if you are fast you will be on the leaderboard even if you haven't done it before.

    I don't expect much to be done about the ideas on this board, but keep exploring.

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  • I like the 'new' segment idea.

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  • yes, or some ranking that counts the total number of segments explored by an individual (perhaps within a given country... or at least some statistics that say xxx of yyy segments explored in country Z. 



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  • When they changed it so you got a PR medal on first run, I was using that to help identify the new segments I'd been on. However now they've changed it back (in my view, some flawed thinking going on with this e.g. surely more of an 'achievement' to go up a cat climb the first time then taking a second off some little segment - but it's not going to change back yet again!), you again don't know you've been on a new segment unless you dig into each one.

    Living somewhere with literally thousands of interesting roads and segments to explore, it's now really hard to keep track of what was new and what was just slow! I should add that I get good feedback from other club riders when organising routes, that it was good to try some new roads (segments). So anything to help me identify these would be appreciated... Just a 'new segment rosette', as suggested by the OP, would be fine.

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  • I think a 'first time' or 'new segment' badge next to segments you've never done before is a great idea.


    Also, as Graeme says, the 'Mayor' idea is a good one, there was something like that on MapMyRide IIRC, but I've not logged on to that in a few years so can't remember what it was called. 

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  • I, too, would value a "new road" badge, as I commented immediately on the "PR achievements on first attempt" thread. A long swath of badge-less segments on an activity can mean you were slow, or it could mean a new road.

    My most-recent ride was 85km of new roads and 85km of old roads. I was slow so I'm glad that I no longer see "PR" on half the segments, but it'd nice, both to advertise to others and to remind myself, to have a new-road badge on the appropriate segments.

    I like Graeme's idea of a rosette to mark the segment.

    Ideas that make a count of new segments are less interesting because the same section of new road can have dozens of almost-identical segments. It's not the segment that's new, it's the road.  Counting/showing new km would be very interesting, but computationally intensive.

    (I built my own program to calculate how many km of road on my activities are new, and to highlight them on a map for me; "new segment" notations would be a computationally-trivial way to provide something close.)

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