Ant+ Speed Sensor Data

I read that it is too difficult for your engineers to implement speed sensor support. You have some really bad engineers I think. Since you already have the library that easily supports speed sensors. You use it for all of your ant+ external devices on android. 

Tell your engineers, 


Is the class they need to use for speed sensor data. 

Here are the javadocs

If your engineers are not capable of implementing ant+ speed sensor data, I think you need to replace those engineers.... This isn't rocket science, you already have the dependency in your android project. 



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  • This felt like a burn. nicely done.


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  • How many Strava app users, fed of of iffy GPS speeds, have sought to make it work like a real bike computer with a proper speed sensor.  Add me to the list of disgruntled users who will be trying another app to record HR, Cadence, and SPEED, because Strava can't be bothered - five years at least and still no option to even display Ant+ speed...  Incredible!

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  • I wish I could get my Garmin sensors to connect, my hr and cadance can't connect despite them working with my s-health app

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  • I still can't believe we are unable to do this for premium members. I'm not asking for segment times to be calculated like this. I only want to look at a consistent speed reading when I am in wooded areas. Very frustrating.

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  • Im a developer too and things like this are usually not a technical issue but more of a business problem. Maybe they are working on their own device which you will have to buy in order to get accurate speed data or some other reason that will bring more profit than just giving out such a high demand feature for free.

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  • If they wanted to do it, it would have been done half a decade ago. They are clearly not interested in doing more work since they are already enjoying the sweet inflow of Summit dollars.

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