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Let's say the CR for a running segment equals 4:00 average pace. When attempting that segment, will my effort at any given time compare statically to that average pace, or does it dynamically reflect how you compare to the actual pace from the CR at that precise moment?

Hope that question made sense.





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    Thanks Erik, Strava does indeed use the average speed of the comparison effort when in Live Segment mode. Using variable pacing is definitely an improvement we are considering. 

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  • I posted this to the community but it got changed to a private request. The support team confirmed that what is written below is accurate. I'm pasting it here because I think others will find this information useful. It would be very helpful if someone from Strava could add an example of how the pacing works to the Knowledge Base page.


    How Strava Live Segments Actually Work:

    I've seen some people claim that when you race a live segment, your Time Ahead (or Time Behind) is calculated based on the position of your virtual competitor at that point in time.

    For example, if I am 10 min into my run, and I am 2 min ahead, then that means, my competitor took 2 min to get from where he was at time=10min, to where I am at time=10min. This is not the case.

    I think the way it actually works, is that it compares your average pace up to the current point in time, with your competitor’s average pace for the entire segment. So let’s say my competitor averaged 10min/mile on a 2 mile course. At time = 10min, my watch says I’m 2 min ahead. That means my average pace up to that point in time is 1min/mile faster (ie its 9min/mile) than his average over the entire segment, because over the full segment of 2 miles I’m expected to finish 2 min ahead. But this can be very misleading... Even though my competitor averaged 10min/mile over the full segment, he might have averaged a higher pace than my 9min/mile over the first 10 minutes, and could actually be in front of me!

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  • Yes, please upgrade this feature to account for variable pacing. An average pace competitor is not so useful on for example segments with changing grade.

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  • Live segments should compare to real speed. Average speed is not helpful at all. Waiting for promised upgrade...

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  • hello strava team ? where are you in this topic? it is true that comparison vs average speed isn't useful at all on segments with changing grade. thanks!

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