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 A new feature request would be to see the leaderboard view for the amount of segments attempts. So your favorite segment would show how many attempts have been made and where you are in the ranking. So your favorite hill how many times have you gone up compared to the top 10.

You can currently see the number of attempts you have done on a given segment but not others. The segment leader could even have a KOM and QOM for repeats.



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  • Suggested this idea in the past and this is the #1 thing I would like to see added. It would be great to see who has ridden up Mont Ventoux or Tourmalet the most times. People could compete not just to be the fastest, but to have completed a course the most number of times. Excellent suggestion. 

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  • I think there should be a minimum number of attempts to be featured on the attempts leaderbord though so that leader boards only exist for ones with significant multiple attempts. 

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  • Someone suggested we call this the Mayor of the segment. Sort by most attempts and available on segments with 100 riders or more (to stop people making segments out of their commutes, though they can do this anyway.)

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