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Hello all, 

We're releasing a slight change to our PR (personal record) achievements. Now, when you first attempt a new segment you will receive a PR. Before, this would only occur on the second attempt if you beat your PR.  

Let us know if you have feedback for us.



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  • No, no, no.

    Yes, technically, your first attempt IS you PR, but it's just stupid to get an award (even virtual) for that. A "1st attempt" badge doesn't seem necessary, either. Maybe instead you should have a "50th Attempt" badge, to alert you that, maybe, you need to ride someplace new.

  • I agree with all the negative comments - devalues a real PR. Please change back!

  • Please change back. A blank new segment makes it easy to see that you've been somewhere new. 

  • Having just done my first ride with lots of new areas since this change came out, and knowing to expect "PR" on all the new segments, I'm still surprised to find out how distracting it is.  I'd so much more appreciate a "1st time!" badge. And if I make the leaderboards, as I did on one segment, the "1st time" would be in addition to the leaderboard cup.....

  • I had something like 75 PRs on a ride and I thought it be a bug. It turns out that most are first time efforts, and if I managed any real PRs they're lost in the thicket of non-achievements. One such first time "PR" was laughably 45 minutes for a 4 minute segment because we stopped for lunch. I'm embarrassed by it!

    This is really not good.

    Please... Either revert to previous logic or make it an option we can turn on (off by default) or if you must create a "first time" badge.

  • I don't like this change at all. (Almost) every ride I've got like tens of PRs ... and the very few I really care about are lost somewhere in this mess. Revert please! Or label it new or something - but please LET US DESERVE THOSE TINY YELLOW CUPS! 



    Previously seeing a gold trophy you knew you had improved something.  Now it's completely meaningless.  I got a cycling PR at 2.3kph on the weekend.


    And it's even worse if it's someone you are following.  If you see a ride/run that has dozens of personal records you have no way of telling if they had the most brilliant ride ever, or just picked a new route.

  • Elie Anderson would you mind explaining the thinking behind this? I mean obviously if you ride/run a segment the first time it becomes your PR, this goes without saying surely. Why then does Strava feel the need to say it?

  • Seriously, someone thought this was a good idea and implemented it without going for a ride?  This is even more annoying than the mixed up timeline.  I don’t see how anyone can even consider this ‘feature’ as a positive.

  • It's rubbish

    For most, I suspect a "PR" is a reflection of an improvement on a previous time. I don't want to ride somewhere new and get a hundred PRs

    What would be good is to have a marker when you do a new segment as this way you can identify if it's a first attempt rather than just a slow effort 


  • I definitely fall within the “please return to the previous system of no PRs for a new segment” camp. There have already been many excellent comments made pointing out the value of the previous system, so you don't need me to repeat them.

    All I’ve got left is: please, please, please return to the previous system. Thank you very much!

  • To illustrate how crazy this is..,

    Yesterday I went on what may be my slowest ride ever (a combination of injury problems and bad weather).  I rode 33 segments. Every one of them has got a medal - 27 Gold and 6 Silver.  Can you guess how many of those segments I have ridden before!?

  • Please delete this feature. "Real" PRs on segments you have driven before are drowning in a sea of "1st time" PRs if you happen to ride new segments. Plus on a long, new ride you get a list of PRs as long as your arm without exactly zero value added.

  • My comment: It was a bad idea. That's all.

  • I prefer the old way of PR calculation. With this new way if you run a track for the first time you achieve dozens of PR, no matter how slow - or fast :) -  you were.

    I vote going back.

  • Another vote for a "new segment" achievement rather than PR. Makes no sense to have a PR on a new segment, but something to recognise new segments is good. I also think 2nd best time on second attempt is abut silly, likewise for third. A "slowest ever time" achievement would make more sense and that would be silly!

  • I do like the idea of knowing I did a segment for the first time, and maybe that was the intent of that run/ride, you'll never know.

    I do disagree with the above, a PR is not something to be compared to a previous record, if you used that definition, there would be no records at all... it is by definition a PR because it is the only one. But yes highlighting it in the same way you would for reducing your time seems silly.

    Personally I don't give a crap about segments other than as check points through runs, or to compare various efforts of mine against other athletes. But without a deep dive into the info there is really now way of knowing if that person was doing a interval work out, or if they were nearing the end of there long run.

    That said, PLEASE put this in for the first time of best estimated efforts.... That seems important... the first time you hit 21.1 km, 30 km, or 42.2 km is a important marker I think everyone above could agree on that.


    In short: Make a First time/pr marker for segments, issue a PR for best efforts for the first time crossing a distance..

  • The "official comment" notes that the bug with getting assigned PRs instead of trophies for top 10 the first time on a segment has been fixed - but I received PRs on new-to-me segments this weekend. I had to refresh achievements to get rid of the junk PRs. Forgot if it was a running or riding activity but it did not happen on all activities.

    Please just remove this first=PR change.

  • Really, really, really dislike the PR on first attempt. I work hard to earn PRs and want to see them clearly when my ride finishes. I also like to mix things up on my rides which means combining old segments and new ones. This new change not only makes it more difficult to see my actual PR’s, but it takes much of the satisfaction out of the app since PR’s are less meaningful (participation awards as others have). Definitely a step backwards.

  • I hadn't noticed this update until I rode a new route today and came home to 110 PRs. I've been Refreshing Activity Awards thinking it was a bug, until I saw this.

    I think one of the alternative ideas would be better.

  • I don't like this at all. Look ridiculous when you go for a long ride on new roads. And as someone else mentioned, it makes it hard to see where the actual PR's are. I can't believe anyone actually requested this new feature?! They're not really PR's are they, maybe technically as they the only time you done the segment, but the spirit of a PR is that you've beaten a previous attempt.

    Please stop with these silly updates (don't get me started on the the new feed....) and focus on fixing some of actual problems like KOMs at 243kph!

  • I do not like it for many of the reason stated by other - mostly it becomes meaningless to get a PR on your first attempt! 

    I would suggest a user option that turns off PR on First Attempt! 

  • Hate this change; far too difficult to sort genuine progress from first time routes.

    This, and the 'Strava as Facebook' weirdness from last week, sadly means that Strava is going to lose my allegiance pretty quickly. If it ain't broke, don't fix it team.

  • Please put me in the camp that thinks this id's a bad idea for the reasons suggested in previous posts, distracting and devaluing.

  • Don't like it. I also don't like the entire new update - it is visually unappealing. Also, I do not want Strava to turn into facebook as the new "post" feature is trying to do. I keep the 2 separate for a reason. For those who want to post, they can link their strava to FB. Don't turn this from a sport / activity tracker to nothing but pictures of someone's damn dinner!

  • I would actually prefer awarding *fewer* personal place trophies, requiring that you actually have to beat one of your efforts to get one. So no PR 1st time on a segment. No 2nd for the second time on it, but a PR if you beat your previous attempt. No 3rd for third attempt, but possibly a PR or 2nd.

  • it does not make sense, I dislike it, first attempt should not get  PR

  • I don't like the change. Now, if you go out on a ride with a mix of roads you have cycled before and new roads, you can't distinguish between an improvement from before and a new segment. 

    It seems silly to do a new route and get PRs for all segments. I would be fine with a different badge to signify a new segment (though not sure it is needed) but not a PR for a new segment. 



  • Please revert this change. Though technically your first time on a new segment is a PR, that is not how I - and looking at the comments above many others - use it. Strava PRs show where you've outperformed your previous attempts. Having 10 new PRs on a ride means you really pushed yourself, and friends will take note.

    Now this only happens when you always ride the same route. When you add new segments (I explore a lot), this number becomes totally meaningless. How about a count of new/first segments?

  • I'm definitely not a fan of this.  I assumed it was a bug as no-one would actually want this would they!?  It makes it much more difficult to notice when you've actually improved as I'll just start assuming PRs are really just new segments.

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